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"Deborah's Guided Meditations are like a breath of fresh air that fills up your lungs, body, and soul.  She takes you on a spiritual journey that leads to self discovery, awakening, and healing.  Her techniques include deep breathing, visualization, and musical delights.  After each meditation, I feel refreshed, and ready to embrace a beautiful day."

Viviane Chauvet

Meditation le Deborah JOYa

Meditation is a powerful way to heal your body, mind, and spirit. Many scientific studies have shown significant improvement in various aspects of physical and mental health. Deborah's meditations are intuited and imaginative.


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There are many types of meditation. Deborah leads nonreligious guided "visualizations" in a private or group setting. Depending on the desires of the participants, the meditation can be for relaxing and/or clearing the mind, or there can be specific or general goals. This is especially useful for those who have difficulty meditating, and is also beneficial for the experienced meditator. It is not necessary to be able to visualize - one can imagine or just follow along to have a healing experience. Benefit is achieved even when a person's mind wanders or falls asleep as it has been shown that the subconscious mind is still listening.

Meditation could be a Mindful Walk in Nature
or just taking the time to notice your surroundings or your breath or what you can be greatful for

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"Deborah has been doing (private) yoga instruction and guided meditation with me for the past several months. Although (I was) a bit skeptical at first, she has been able to help me with issues from my wartime experiences in Afghanistan, my recent divorce, and my childhood physical abuse. Deborah seems to intuitively and empathically know what the underlying issues are, where to find them, and how to best address them. She has helped me heal from years of bouts of depression and anger, and has helped me find an internal source of peace and contentment. I am deeply grateful for her healing abilities and refer to her as my "magnificent yoga instructor" because of her unique gifts." Ben L.

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