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Thank you for your interest in my Guided Meditations.  To purchase a download, click on "Buy Now to be directed to PayPal.  After you pay, PayPal will provide a link back to this site to download (when prompted, click "OK to leave secure site" - your information stays with PayPal and you will come back to this site to download your meditation)

Meditation with the Healer

Guided by Deborah Joya, with music by Saggio

This meditation engages the power of your heart and imagination to facilitate healing.  You may feel as if you went on a magical journey and had a healing massage.  It is about 30 minutes long. 

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Meditation of the Heart

Guided by Deborah Joya, with heart music by Saggio and Barbara Ruth

This meditation is partially inspired by research at the Institute of Heartmath, which studies the power of the heart - I highly recommend their articles (see links page).  Their studies correlated focus on the heart and love with a boosted immune system, positive shifts in hormonal balance, and significantly improved emotional health. The guided meditation is about 30 minutes long, with an additional 15 minutes of beautiful heart chakra music (key of F and F#).  My dog Zoey was an inspiration of love and joy for me, and he is the one I usually think of when I want to charge my heart with love.  I hope this meditation inspires you to create love and joy in your life!

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Meditation for Deep Relaxation or Sleep

Guided by Deborah Joya, with music by Saggio from The Thunder of Silence

This meditation is a long Guided Relaxation, like Yoga Nidra during Savasana, that leads you through layers of relaxing the body.  I do this when I can't turn my brain off and I want to meditate, bring healing through relaxation, or when I'm having trouble going to sleep. It is best to lay down or sit comfortably, allowing at least 35 minutes. You may fall asleep or go into meditation long before the guidance is finished (~25 minutes).  The music continues for about 5 more minutes.  My kitty Phoenix helps me sleep and meditate by laying on me, but sometimes I need a little more.  Hope it helps you as well!

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