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Recommended Resources


Apache Junction Multi-Generational Center

Mermaid at Heart: Yoga stuff, geodes, crystals

Elysium, Sabine Krieger: Massage, Sauna, Personal Training

Saggio Healing Arts: healing music

Be Grace Movement Therapies: Bodywork, Zumba, Yoga

New Vision Healing, Jean Buckborough: Reiki, EFT, Weight Loss, Pain Relief and Clearing, Emotion Clearing

Smiling Dog Learning Center: classes and events about healthy modalities of growth in the Sonoran Desert

Renewal Healing Chiropractic, Dr. Swartz: Holistic Chiropractic using Kinesiology and Impulse Adjusting

Health and Happiness Pathways, Jaap Kaur: Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, Raw Foods, more...

Ayurzona: Ayurveda practice in Arizona!



Reevis Mountain School of Self Reliance: Near Roosevelt Lake, natural healing, desert survival, healthful living, fresh foods

Everything Desert: Walkabouts, classes on healing desert plants with Cyndi Reuhl, Dr. Mercola Natural Health Articles and Resources

Institute of HeartMath: Science and Research of Heart Meditation


Live Clean!

Environmental Working Group: Includes information about toxins in your water and the products you buy

Sprouts Farmer's Market: closest to AJ: Southern & Higley (Mesa)

Wholefoods Market: closest to AJ: Rural and Baseline (Tempe)

The Good Apple: in AJ: on Plaza between University and Apache Trail (organic packaged foods)



Animals need our love and our voices!

Friends for Life Animal Rescue Gilbert, AZ


American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


Go green! A Healthy Planet is good for our health!

Green America

Natural Resources Defense Council

Green People Eco-friendly products and services



Yoga Finder

International Yoga Centers Directory

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