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Yoga le Deborah JOYa Downloads

You can watch this 45 minute video free on youtube or my home page or download it here for just $4

Yoga with Deborah JOYa in a Mexican Jungle

Yoga with Deborah JOYa in a Mexican Jungle

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"I love Yoga with Deborah because she guides you through every breath, every movement, and every smile. She reminds us of the joy of our body and the joy in our heart. She reminds us to be focused and centered and balanced." Cyndi Reuhl

The below is an audio only practice - You can enjoy the full hour and a half or choose tracks. Track 1 is an intro, 2 is ~10 minutes and includes vigorous warming breath and movement.  Track 3 is the main part of the practice, and 4 is a 10 minute guided relaxation.



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