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"I love Yoga with Deborah because she guides you through every breath, every movement, and every smile. She reminds us of the joy of our body and the joy in our heart. She reminds us to be focused and centered and balanced." Cyndi Reuhl

Yoga le Deborah JOYa Download

There are some options in the use of this recording based on the amount of time you have available.  If you can, enjoy the full hour and a half as often as possible, as it is designed to be a well-rounded Yoga experience, providing the opportunity to energize, revitalize, strengthen, stretch, and relax your body and mind.  However, if you have a time constraint, you can skip the first and/or last parts.  The first part, which is approximately 10 minutes and includes vigorous warming breath and movement, can be skipped, particularly if you have already exercised.  The last part may also be skipped if necessary, as it is a 10 minute guided relaxation.  This section may also be used alone at any time you wish to facilitate deep relaxation in preparation for meditation or restful sleep.

It is very important for you to honor your body when you practice Yoga.  Yoga is supposed to feel good.  If you feel strain or discomfort in a posture or movement, listen to your body and adjust as necessary.  Your body is your first teacher.  A good stretch or strengthening is very different from strain.  Sometimes it may be necessary to skip a posture or movement – if that is so you can either move in another way, or hold stillness and imagine yourself doing the posture or movement perfectly, as it has been scientifically established that you will still receive great benefit.   If you are pregnant, injured, or have other physical conditions, it is recommended that you find an instructor who can teach you the necessary modifications for your situation.




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