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Why Belize?

Language: English!

Beauty: Rainforests, caves, rivers, waterfalls, wildlife, ruins, protected land, eco-development, beautiful Caribbean islands & beaches - The Belize Barrier Reef is a World Heritage Site and is comprised of 7 protected areas.

History: Impressive Mayan ruins (~1500 BC), English settlement 1638)

Politics: Democracy, member of British Commonwealth (like Canada).

Currency: Set at half of the US dollar.

Culture: The Belizean people are made up of Maya, Latino, Mestizo (Spanish and Mayan), Criole (African, Arawak Indian, varied), Garifuna (African and Island Carib), and Mennonite (German), along with many Canadian, American, European, and Asian expats; leading to a variety of music, food, and styles.

We enjoyed the beauty, culture, wildlife, Mayan history, and super-friendly people of Belize from the inland rainforest to the beach of a Caribbean island, while cultivating our ability to feel, honor, and embrace our physical, emotional, and energetic selves through daily Yoga & Meditation!

Inner Reflections Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Belize

More Details...
* Yoga, Meditation, and Discussion every day is focused on feeling and
     embracing our physical, emotional, and energetic inner selves on a
     deeper level.  Meditation at the Mayan ruins will perhaps allow us to
     feel the energy of those ancient buildings as well.
* Coed, all levels of ability and fitness welcome
* Option for just the 7 nights in the Rainforest
- Maya Mountain Lodge near San Ignacio
- one visit to Mayan ruins is included!
- all meals with gratuities included (tour guide and maid tips add'l)
- transportation to, from Belize City International airport included
* Option to add 4 nights on the beach of Caye Caulker, a small
Caribbean island  (Caye means island, pronounced "Key")
- Caye Reef and Costa Maya (adjacent beachfront properties
- bikes and canoes available, no cars on the island (just golf carts)
- breakfast and lunch included
- Snorkeling Cruise is included!
- buy your dinners at island restaurants (prices, tips similar to US)
- airfare from rainforest to island is included, but airfare back to
        Belize City International airport is not included
        (use Maya Island Air or Tropic Air, ~$85 as of Aug 2016)
* Meat, Vegetarian, Vegan, and other dietary restrictions honored
* Roundtrip airfare to Belize City International Airport is not included
* Optional tours (additional cost) include Mayan Ruins, caves, diving,
waterfalls, canoeing, kayaking, cultural tours, and snorkeling
* Massages, wellness consultations, Pilates, and more are available at
extra cost at the rainforest lodge.
* Saturday night- Mestizo Cultural night with cultural food, presentation
"Fiesta de Maiz". (Free)
* Sunday night- Garifuna Cultural night with cultural food, presentation,
and music.  (Free)
*** Everything is optional

While many yoga retreats cater to people that like to learn advanced poses like one arm balancing, this retreat is for ANY BODY who wants to explore their inner and outer worlds.  Deborah's meditative Yoga for Rejuvenation is a balance of movement, strengthening, stretching, and relaxation with emphasis on focus and breath.  Women and men of all levels of experience, fitness, and ability can benefit from this practice.  The guided meditations are intuitively designed to support a healing experience for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.   

Our lodge in the rainforest is the perfect place to seek rejuvenation.  It is owned by a couple that consider wellbeing a priority (both have studied naturopathic medicine), and they are excited to support our retreat.  The rainforest has a healing presence in so many ways - the rich foilage, the big green leaves, the colorful birds, the unusual animals, the wide variety of sounds...  The Mayan ruins invoke wonder, curiosity, and introspection...we will take time to meditate at an included visit to one of the ruins.  Nearby rivers, caves, and waterfalls are a perfect place to explore and relax.  There are many tours available at additional cost including more ruins, ziplning, caving, kayaking, waterfalls, and cultural activities. And of course there's sitting by the pool and spending time with old or new friends.

The beach has its own healing qualities - the sound of the ocean, the feel of the sand, the birds, the beauty...  We'll enjoy the clear water and variety of wildlife on an included boat/snorkeling trip.  Bikes and canoes are provided, and you can purchase additional boat, snorkeling, or diving tours.

The Belizean culture is a draw in and of itself.  The people are known to be laid back, creative, fun-loving, and welcoming.  We'll have the opportunity to enjoy local music, people, and cuisine for our dinners on the island.  We hope you will come experience it all for yourself!

"I have enjoyed a couple of retreats with Deborah Joya, one in Arizona and one abroad. Having been a student of yoga for many years under the guidance of all kinds of teachers, I have found that Deborah's focus on detail and explanation in asana sequencing and her meditation guidance is surpassed by none of them.  Deborah offers both yoga and meditation most days of the retreat, coupled with discussion and activities open to all who choose to participate.  I am so looking forward to my next opportunity for a retreat with Deborah"

.... Liza Milburn

"Deborah's Costa Rica retreat was absolutely amazing and one of my most memorable experiences filled with much more than I ever imagined it could be. She tirelessly committed herself to delivering a variety of yoga sessions for participants of different levels including partner, water, circle and rejuvenation yoga, not just once, but twice daily! As a beginner to meditation, she taught techniques that helped me to relax and find an escape from the stressfulness of daily living.   WOW!!! Can't wait to do it again!"  ...Jaynie Beloat

What about Safety?

Travel insurance is required for this retreat, especially because natural disasters can occur anywhere and the hotel fees are nonrefundable.  You can purchase this with your airline ticket.

One concern everywhere, especially in third world countries, is sanitation.  Although we will stay in nicer places, it's important to remember that people come from villages to these places as well as the tourist destinations, so it is important to be careful about what you touch and to carry and use antibacterial wipes.  Do not drink the water or get ice in drinks unless you know it has been purified (i.e. at a hotel or bought from the store). 

No vaccinations are required, Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccinations along with up to date Tetanus and Diphtheria vaccinations are recommended. 

Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Belize every year, most of them without incident, and they have special tourism police in the tourist areas.  We are going to less populated areas with more culture, beauty, and safety, rather than the overpopulated cities such as Belize City, Belmopan, Dangriga, and San Pedro. 





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