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Dedicated to Zoey

It would not be possible for me to fully express my feelings about Zoey. Although he left his physical form on Leap Day in 2012, I believe he is always with me in some way, still reminding me to choose JOY.

I can see him now, using his eyes and beautiful voice to plead with me to stop arguing or yelling. I can feel his fur and tongue as he comforted me when I cried or felt despair. It was a stressful time for me, and I struggled to control my emotions. The desire was there, but I often felt like I was watching myself helplessly. But when my actions made my Zoey cry, my love for him was so powerful that I was able to shift my mood for his sake. At the time I thought I was comforting him, but now I realize he was my healer - saving me from damaging myself even more because I had not yet mastered any other way.

Zoey is my best friend, and he followed a long list of amazing and close animal friends. There is something about this dog, though, that brings the most powerful feeling of love deep in my chest. When I visualize myself with someone I love to activate my heart during meditation or when I need a lift, it is almost always Zoey.

Zoey insisted on being in my life through great resistance. He lived with one friend and then another, and I didn't really pay him allot of attention. When he was lost a couple of times, for some reason I rescued him and he stayed with me for short times. After that when I went to his house he would jump in my truck and ask me to take him home. Eventually I did, and tried to give him to my neighbor. I already had a dog and 2 cats - no room for more I said. He came back. When I finally opened my heart to him, I experienced a love I'd never felt before and I was so grateful for his persistence.

I feel that maybe Zoey's life purpose was to inspire me to mine. He reminded me to be in the moment, to let go of upset and feel joy. He lived long enough to see me recreate my life and start living from a place of inner joy, and I feel he is still with me now, watching and encouraging my expansion. I am so grateful Zoey!

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