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Spooner, Wisconsin July 29, 2019

with Deborah JOYa and Thomas Dowell

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Restore Ease with Movement, Mindfulness, & Self-Massage

Learn Straightforward Solutions that Improve Flexibility and Neutralize Pain

   Mon, July 29,

Learn and practice several simple techniques including yoga, breath, self-massage, and meditation that may induce immediate healing and pain relief, which can be magnified with continued practice.  We'll look at some of the science of why it works which adds motivation as well as understanding.  Much if not all of the pain and lack of flexibility that we think is in our muscles is actually in the fascia, a web that holds everything in the body.  Practice techniques to release the fascia.  We'll have a potluck lunch and optional happy hour afterward.  Please bring food and drinks to share.  Valued at over $60.  All are welcome, pay what you can or as you feel drawn. Your generosity makes this work possible and helps others.

Private Sessions available with Deborah and Thomas (LMT, SIP):

    Customized self-healing consult, Thai yoga, body work, energy work, meditation

Thomas and Deborah‛s combined expertise, experience, and personal healing journeys lend to insightful and practical workshops. Deborah has been guiding yoga, meditation, and other self-healing practices in Arizona for 20 years, and draws from her past as a scientist and professor with easy to give understand scientific explanations. Thomas shares his extensive knowledge and understanding of the body gained from a decade of massage and structural integration therapy.

Their combined massage is very popular since it incorporates effective techniques from multiple traditions.

Your support is appreciated, and you can help others benefit!

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