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Deborah's Massachusetts Events June 2019

Your Heart is a Healer Day Retreat     

Sat, June 22, 9-3, St. Luke's Episcopal Church 465 First Parish Rd Scituate, MA

There have been so many amazing scientific discoveries recently about the healing power of the heart. Did you know the heart has its own brain and it triggers the head’s brain into action?  Learn how your childhood and life situations may have impacted your heart’s physical and emotional health and therefore your life.  Practice ancient as well as recently developed techniques that heal the heart and activate it to be the great healer it is capable of being.  

Includes Yoga, Chi Gong, Energy Clearing, Meditation, Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and more.  Valued at over $100.  All are welcome, pay what you can or as you feel drawn.  Your generosity makes this work possible and helps others attend.

Yoga on the Beach (weather allowing, location to be announced)

    Sun, June 23, 1pm, donations appreciated

Private Sessions with Deborah:

    Customized self-healing consult, Thai yoga body work, energy work, intuited meditation, by appointment

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